Tranquility Massage began operations in 2003 as a chair massage provider for businesses and events throughout Orange County, CA. Understanding that massage therapists all have unique styles and training, we developed a business model that focused on delivering in-office massage therapy that  meshes well with a wide variety of professional settings. We began a structured campaign to gather feedback on our massage therapy sessions, and to systematically define and reproduce a quality massage experience time after time. Our growth led to many requests for in-home massage therapy for a wide variety of clientele, each with distinctive tastes and preferences in massage therapy and massage therapists. It soon became apparent we were going to have to increase our base of massage therapists in order to ensure a wide satisfaction base amongst our clients.


As time passed, we partnered with more and more massage therapists - each bringing his or her own style and body of knowledge to support our charter. We have embraced the idea that quality comes first, and before we can take on additional growth in the massage field, we must do what we do now perfectly. As such, we continue to employ new systems and disciplines that benefit both the therapists we support and the clients we serve.




Why Tranquility Massage



Tranquility Massage TherapistsSpecializing in professional therapeutic mobile massage for business and residential clients throughout Orange County and surrounding areas, Tranquility Massage Mobile Massage Therapists began operations in 2003 with a charter to integrate professional quality massage therapy more seamlessly and effectively into people's lives. Recognizing how the pressures of modern living are making it difficult to maintain one's well being, Tranquility Massage responded by establishing a diverse group of dedicated mobile massage therapy practitioners who are passionate about bringing healing and soothing massage therapy to the places people need them most.


Our mobile massage therapists are professionally trained in a wide variety of massage techniques ranging tom relaxing Swedish massage and healing deep tissue massage to sports massage therapy for professional athletes, chair massage for busy office staff, and even pregnancy massage for the health and well being of expecting mothers. We believe firmly the best, most efficient, and most effective massage takes place on your terms.





Couple At HomeSpas and resorts spend (and charge) tremendous amounts of money to create the illusion of a ‘paradise’ one can escape to. The unfortunate and very real truth is that you can’t STAY there. Like most people returning to the stresses of work after a wonderful vacation, we subconsciously associate very positive feelings with the spa and continue to associate unhealthful negative feelings with the environments we MUST return to. This is the mechanism behind what we call the “spa addiction”, and it keeps people spending time going back to the spa again and again.


Part of the Tranquility Massage charter is to help people retain the blissful feelings of a quality massage, and to associate those feelings with the places they need them most. A Swedish massage at home will help keep it a peaceful, healthy, and relaxing place to be. A deep tissue massage at home will help make it a place where aches and pains are released and healing occurs. Sports therapy massage at home leaves the professional athlete free to spend more time training. A chair massage at the office will help make it a place where energy and productivity are restored. Keeping these positive associations where YOU want them is key to effective massage therapy.





Massage TherapyMobile massage therapy, otherwise known as outcall massage, event massage, in-home massage, or office massage is a far more personalized and beneficial massage service than is possible from a traditional spa. Having worked extensively with massage therapists from a wide array of professional environments, we’ve found most express the same frustrations with the classic spa operation; too many hours, no between-client recuperation, and no ability to build a quality therapist-client relationship. Clients expect and deserve a massage that consistently meets their needs and expectations without sacrificing hours out of their day in travel and waiting, only to have to face a drive back home after their session.





Relaxing after a MassagePerhaps the most iconic concept of personalized service is the old fashioned house call. Free to focus on one patient at a time, doctors of that reminiscent age gave their clients highly individualized attention. Faced with the need to support huge amounts of overhead, today’s spas have a simple formula for survival; get as many clients in and out as possible. Unfortunately, this is often contrary to the concept of client-centered service.


With Tranquility Massage, the massage therapist is on YOUR turf. Away from other distractions and pressures, the therapist is free to focus specifically on your massage session, your preferences, and your needs. Whether you need massage therapy in Irvine, Newport Beach, Yorba Linda, Fullerton, Anaheim, Tustin, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, or any other community in Orange County, Tranquility Massage will bring you the quality massage therapy you deserve.





Massage Therapy TableSure, there are larger massage providers out there, and that’s just fine with us. After all, the best car companies, jewelry brands, or hair salons weren’t built based on volume. They were carefully crafted with the utmost regard for their art, reputation, and clients.


Tranquility Massage Mobile Massage Therapy is no different. We carefully select the mobile massage therapists we work with and only utilize those that share our passion and enthusiasm for customer service, the healing arts, and foremost – helping people live better lives. Our clients’ comfort, satisfaction, and wellbeing are our primary concerns, and we would rather spend our time and energy perfecting our art than diluting it.