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Massage Therapy Helps Travel Insomnia

Massage For Sleep

One of our regular clients lives abroad and travels frequently, often staying at a hotel for weeks at a time. She originally called us after suffering a horrendous travel ordeal. Apparently, the Airbus A380s were new at the time, and she had to board and deplane FOUR of them at one airport due to technical issues with each!

To this day, she calls us just after touching down in town to make sure her favorite massage therapist is ready for her at her favorite hotel when she arrives. I spoke with her last week at length about her travels and asked if she typically gets massage therapy when she travels. She responded with, “I have to! I can’t sleep without it!”

The statement was a startling revelation for me. I knew that a majority of our clients drift off to sleep during their massage therapy sessions, but I never made the connection to the NEED for that effect with travelers. In this client’s case, the use of sleep aids wasn’t an option as they frequently leave her feeling groggy and mentally depleted the next day.

Massage therapy has a fantastic ability to bring drug-free relaxation to both body AND mind – frequently to the point that our clients drift off to sleep during or after the massage session (a very useful side effect for battling insomnia). Additionally, they very frequently tell us they have the BEST night’s sleep following the massage, and awaken to feel energized and well rested.

With that in mind, I did some research on the web about travel insomnia and massage therapy. There is a bewildering amount of information on the causes of insomnia (endorphins, environmental factors), how to combat it when traveling (eating right, taking earplugs and a favorite pillow), and how massage therapy has an uncanny ability to address the root cause of insomnia and other sleep disorders. The unusual statement I kept seeing these articles concluded with was, “So drive on down to spa XXX to get your massage…”

While I AM a substantial proponent of the benefits of massage therapy, I am equally opposed to making people drive out and get it, ESPECIALLY if they’re insomniacs! Not only is it unsafe to drive after a massage, it is completely ineffective for an insomniac to get a massage away from the home or hotel room, only to be subjected to the stresses and adrenaline rushes associated with driving – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area!

For insomnia and sleep disorders, massage therapy is best administered in the home or hotel room where the client is most likely to sleep. Only then can an effective massage be performed and the client left to rest without facing an unsafe drive.

So, if you’re suffering from travel insomnia or another sleep disorder and you’d like to give massage therapy a try, DON’T drive… Give us a call at 888-777-7567 and let us bring the massage to you. You really will sleep better (and knowing you’re not trying to drive after an intoxicating massage, so will we!).

Office Chair Massage Therapy Well Received

Tranquility Massage Office Chair Massage Therapy

Julie Performing Office Chair Massage

Tranquility Massage started years ago as a chair massage therapy provider to businesses in Orange County, CA. Our expectations for that facet of the business were quickly eclipsed by requests for our massage therapy at the homes of our clients, and with little fanfare Tranquility Massage was born.

While our focus has been developing a client-centered approach to delivering high-quality massage therapy to the home, our office chair massage clients have remained an important part of the Tranquility Massage charter.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to be able to provide chair massage therapy to more and more offices. What struck me recently is that, with few exceptions and despite the economy, all of our original office chair massage therapy clients are still with us! Some have reduced the frequency of the service, others have increased it, but they’re still there. But why? (Imaging me scratching my head here…)

I had a chance recently to speak with several of our chair massage therapy clients at a few of the offices we serve. What amazed me wasn’t that I couldn’t find a single criticism of the service (somewhat frustrating when you’re looking for ways to improve!). Rather, it was how people PHYSICALLY TRANSFORMED when they talked about it!

One simple stress-test is to stand in front of a mirror and check how you’re holding your shoulders. If your shoulders are drawn up, it’s usually a good indicator you’re suffering from stress and you need to relax a bit. When the clients would talk about their love of the chair massage, I could ACTUALLY SEE their shoulders drop as they talked about it!

That amazing reaction demonstrated two things to me. First, people in general are under more stress these days than I’ve seen in recent years. Second, the chair massage was not only having a PHYSICAL benefit, but a PSYCHOLOGICAL benefit as well. These were people that were (unconsciously) able to relax and shed stress just by THINKING about our chair massage therapy service!

I’m personally not a massage therapist, but seeing the way our office chair massage therapy service is helping people deal with the challenges and changes of the current business environment makes me proud to be working with them!

So, if you’re reading this from your office with your shoulders drawn up and want to know more about how our office chair massage therapy can help you and YOUR staff, give us a call. Toll Free 888-777-7567. We do a free in-office demonstration we’re confident you’ll love!

Couple’s Massage Comeback!

Tranquility Massage couple's massage therapy services.

Heavenly Couple's Massage

Tranquility Massage has received a phenomenal number of requests for our couple’s massage service this week! While it would be nice to say Tranquility Massage generated the interest, I’d prefer to think it was another small indicator our economy is healing.

Our clients seem to be taking more vacations and ‘staycations’ of late, and our couple’s massage therapy service is apparently a staple for many seeking ways to get the resort spa experience without paying resort spa prices.

This weekend alone, we’ve received nearly a dozen calls for in-room couple’s massage at high-end resorts around Orange County – either because the resort spa was unavailable or our clients felt the resort spa’s couple’s massage was too expensive. Whatever the reason, we’re most definitely grateful for the opportunity to take care of everyone’s couple’s massage needs!

A quick note on our couple’s massage sessions. We can conduct a couple’s massage session on two ways depending on the needs of the client:

“Side-by-side” couple’s massage involves two massage therapists performing massage on two clients on two separate tables at the same time. This is often the most preferred format for couple’s massage, but it does require additional space for the second table and massage therapist.

As an alternative, “back-to-back” couple’s massage involves a single massage therapist performing massage on two clients in succession. This format often works well with clients who have limited space for the tables, or who need to take turns babysitting the kids or taking care of other matters. Tranquility Massage has also used this format in small businesses where one person is “minding the store” while the other enjoys the massage therapy.

No matter which format suits your needs, Tranquility Massage’s couple’s massage therapy service is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of couple’s massage on YOUR terms, and at a very reasonable price! If you’re interested in getting a couple’s massage session today, please do contact us, or call toll free at (888) 777-7567 today!

THANK YOU U.S. Veterans!

American Flag in Rememberance of US Veterans

We Remember!

Tranquility Massage would like to take a moment to express a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all U.S. veterans for the heroic service and sacrifice you’ve made for this great country of ours. We’re very grateful to have been able to work with veterans over the years and we sincerely appreciate all the gifts America enjoys which you sacrificed so much for. You truly are an inspiration for us all!

Medical Massage Therapy During The Holidays

Medical Massage Therapy from Tranquility Massage Mobile Massage Therapy

Medical Massage Therapy

I’ve seen an increase in the number of inquiries we’re receiving about our medical massage therapy services of late, and although I’m glad for the interest, I’ve been just as puzzled about the reasons why. Medical massage is typically administered under the guidance of a doctor for medically related conditions ranging from light muscular trauma to more clinical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

Normally, patients under a doctor’s care seek medical massage therapy at the suggestion of their doctor. However, many are seeking massage therapy for relief from the symptoms of their conditions without necessarily needing medical massage therapy.

One of the answers became apparent recently. As the weather gets colder, our bodies naturally react by constricting blood vessels to minimize heat loss through the extremities. This can lead to all kinds of muscular aches and pains in the feet and arms which exacerbates discomfort levels in a wide variety of people suffering from different medical conditions. Although I’m fortunate to be in excellent health, my feet started aching toward the latter half of last month when the cold and rainy weather graced our normally sunny shores.

Massage therapy is a natural circulation enhancer that ALSO helps the muscles and the lymph system purge toxins that otherwise lead to decreased energy levels and increased discomfort in cold weather. Although I haven’t researched the matter, I strongly suspect that cold weather aches and pains are one of the reasons for classic Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Thinking about it, that would make a good research project that I’ll post about later on.

Meanwhile, medical massage seekers don’t always need medical massage per se. Again, medical massage is administered in strict accordance with a doctor’s prescription, where any non-medical massage therapy can be utilized to achieve relief from a wide variety of symptoms that are a consequence of a medical condition. For example, Parkinson’s sufferers can enjoy many benefits such as improved range of motion, muscle loosening and relaxation, and improved stability and mobility to name a few, all with a classical and gently administered Swedish massage. Persons suffering from diabetes can enjoy improved circulation in the extremities with either Swedish massage, a comfortable deep tissue massage, Myofascial release, or any of a number of other massage therapies.

When we receive an inquiry for medical massage, we typically ask what medical condition is being treated and who the physician is. This frequently causes confusion when the client is taken aback by the question (by the way – if this has happened to you we DEEPLY apologize!). However, that reaction typically indicates to us that the client is really seeking relief from the symptoms of a medical condition and not treatment for the condition itself.

After we get the proper understanding of the client’s needs, we can recommend an appropriate massage therapy to bring the client the most effective relief. If that turns out to be medical massage, we will work carefully with your doctor to administer only the massage therapy prescribed.

Which leads to another point… If we are administering medical massage according to a doctor’s prescription, we MUST adhere strictly to his or her prescription. Clients undergoing medical massage therapy will frequently request we treat other areas of the body. Unfortunately, medical massage – of all massage therapies – is strictly administered, and we cannot deviate from the doctor’s prescription of treatment under any circumstances (we LOVE to massage, but doing so outside the scope of the prescription can cause more harm than good).

Therefore, if you are suffering from a medical condition that is bringing you discomfort or dysfunction, medical massage may be an appropriate therapy – provided it is prescribed by a doctor. If not, there are a multitude of other non-medical massage therapies that may bring effective relief for the symptoms of your condition. If you are considering massage therapy to help relieve a medical condition, be sure to ask your doctor of medical massage (massage requiring a prescription) is required in your case, or if any massage therapy you find preferable is acceptable.

As always, if a medical condition is involved, discuss any massage therapy you may be considering with your doctor FIRST, and ALWAYS adhere to his or her guidance when considering massage therapy.

…And of course, DO CALL if you have any questions we can answer!

Wrist pain? Massage can help!

Wrist massage carpel tunnel Tranquility Massage Mobile Massage Therapy

Wrist massage for relief of carpel tunnel pain.

I have had many clients complain about pain in their wrists and numbness or tingling sensation in their hands and fingers. While there are a variety of ways to minimize these conditions, there is a very effective massage technique that can be used to help relieve these symptoms and ensure long-term wrist health. By using a cross-fiber “stripping” technique, the muscles and tendons of the wrists can be separated and loosened to lessen the severity of these problems.

Unfortunately, this type of problem is so prevalent in our business clients that we’ve incorporated the technique into most of our on-site chair massage services for many of the businesses we serve. In addition, we encourage those clients to research and understand the causes and symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome, and to take measures to protect their wrists from this type of condition.

If you find you’re experiencing pain and or stiffness in your wrists, remember to do frequent wrist exercises (there are many available on the web), avoid long periods of sitting at a computer (try to mix up your day a little) and to ensure the equipment and posture you’re using is as ergonomic as possible. Be sure and raise any concerns to your employer as they’ll be more than happy to provide the proper equipment for you to do your job as comfortably, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

And as always, give us at Tranquility Massage a call if we can be of any assistance.