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Massage Soothes At Dana Point Spa Parties

Each community in Orange County has it’s own culture, benefits, and vibrancy, but Dana Point is one of our favorites. Nestled in the cliffs and rolling hills of the Pacific coast, Dana Point boasts beautiful homes, vibrant people, and all the warmth of a close-knit beachside community – all perfect ingredients for socializing, entertaining, and healthy living. Tranquility Massage therapists are fortunate to have several longtime clients in Dana Point, and to have provided massage therapy for various events at Doheny state beach, the Blue Lantern Inn, and several other venues.

Our massage therapy spa parties continue to find a place in events with increasing breadth. This past week we had a great time providing chair AND table massage to a group of ladies attending a marketing presentation at a beautiful Dana Point home, and at a beach party for a corporate event on Doheny beach. Both venues provided ideal settings for effective massage therapy, and clients gave us very positive feedback on the therapists and the presentation of the service.

The in-home event was unique in that it was an all-day event for which Tranquility Massage was to provide chair massage therapy beginning late morning and extending into then late afternoon. Well, the FIRST client on the chair was so enthralled with the service that she raved to the rest of the group (Thank YOU Marina!) By early afternoon, they had a pool of 6 ladies that wanted after-hours table massage as well! We had to send an extra massage therapist to Dana Point to help with the demand – always a good thing!

The beach massage venue was a corporate event sponsored by a well known beach apparel maker. It was an unusual, yet almost ideal venue for table massage. We had two massage therapists support the event, and had been prepared with canopies and other equipment to provide shade. Turned out there were a sizable number of people that wanted to tan while they got their massage, so we set-up a table in the sun (kept it covered when it wasn’t occupied – it does get HOT) and had people tan and relax. THAT got around quick, and we rapidly became the preferred method of sunscreen application. Found out that sunscreen ALSO works quite well as a massage lotion!

We really enjoy these events and can’t wait for our next opportunity to massage in Dana Point!

Yorba Linda Residents Live Graciously Through Massage

Our massage therapists have been busy in Yorba Linda through July and August thus far. There has been a lot of interest in our summertime poolside massage therapy service for several family gatherings, and one new client who merely enjoys getting his sports therapy massage poolside, sometimes before beginning an intense triathlon training swim.

One thing about Yorba Linda is the presence of so many beautiful homes and estates – many with very healthy outdoor living spaces equipped with beautiful pools, patios, and landscaping. These areas are perfect for outdoor relaxation and rejuvenation, and massage therapy is most effective in these natural settings. When a client has the benefit of such an environment, we strongly recommend outdoor massage in the summertime or anytime the weather permits! Higher oxygen levels, the relaxing sounds of the outdoors, and a deeper connection with nature all enhance the massage experience.

Not all Yorba Linda clients have the benefit of such an environment, which doesn’t diminish the benefit of massage therapy one bit. One client, living in a small but attractive apartment complex, is quite allergic to pollens and dusts and prefers her massage indoors where she maintains a purified air environment. She manages beautifully to enjoy the sounds of nature by using her favorite environmental music as well as aromatherapy to bring nature indoors for her massage.

Aside from the beautiful outdoor living areas Yorba Linda residents are blessed with, many engage in parties and entertaining guests from home. We were pleased to have two massage therapists provide table massage services to one bridal shower and two separate birthdays as well.

The bridal shower was interesting because one therapist was indoors and the other was out by the pool, so guests had a choice of either indoor or outdoor massage. By the way, our gift to the bride was a complimentary couple’s massage after their honeymoon was over. She told us they may never use it because they plan on making the honeymoon last forever! Now that really would be ‘living graciously’!

Irvine Embraces Mobile Massage Therapists

Of all the communities Tranquility Massage Serves, Irvine is quite unique. Irvine is a master planned community in it’s entirety with a rich history of agriculture, education, business, industry, and cultural diversity. As a master planned city, it consists of very carefully (and beautifully!) orchestrated and segregated housing communities, shopping centers, and business districts. The ‘up’ side to all this is the appearance of these areas is beautifully consistent. There are no ‘unsightly’ industrial areas in view (or earshot) of the residences, businesses are free to engage in industrial activities without irritating the residents, and shopping centers enjoy a high concentration of shoppers.

The ‘down’ side is that venturing out from a home deep in a beautiful gated community to drive across town to a crowded shopping center is likely to be a stressful and inconvenient affair. If you work in Irvine, just think about lunchtime there and you get the idea. For a relaxing and rejuvenating massage, it’s a completely counterproductive effort. As a mobile massage therapy service, we’re accustomed to navigating the streets and communities of Irvine. Doing so after massage therapy is not the most effective way to relax and/or make productive use of time, and it certainly isn’t conducive to experiencing the highest quality massage possible.

That’s why Irvine is a terrific example of how our mobile massage therapists really enhance the massage experience for Irvine residents. The negative experiences of leaving home, driving, waiting, and ‘snapping-out’ of deep relaxation to brave all that to get back home is completely eliminated, leaving the client to remain at home in a blissful, relaxed state – even to fall asleep if one chooses! Many of our Irvine clients remark how glad they are they don’t have to fight crowds and cars after their massage is complete.

Something we haven’t heard before came from a relatively new client living in an apartment community by the Irvine Spectrum. She’s an active professional that leads a very busy social life after hours. She gets weekly deep tissue massage therapy, usually right after work, “so she can have more time to party and relax with her friends when they go clubbing”. In fact, she’ll occasionally have a friend over for a couple’s massage before they take off to Los Angeles to meet up with friends for the weekend.

Another Irvine client operates a financial planning service from her home and finds it difficult to find the time to break away from her work, so she gets an in-home Swedish massage for herself to take the edge off of her day. She even gives our massage gift certificates to her clients when they achieve important financial goals.

Businesses throughout Irvine use our chair massage services to bring relaxation and wellbeing into the workplace through regular on-site massage therapy, health fairs, and special corporate events across industries ranging from legal and financial to video post-production, marketing, and manufacturing. Irvine housing communities use our poolside massage service for summer community events. As far as Orange County communities go, few utilize such a wide array of our massage therapy services as Irvine does, and we’re very grateful to be a part of Irvine’s high quality of life.