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Clothed Table Massage a Relaxing Alternative

When one talks about Corporate Massage or In-Office Massage, the visual impression most people get is Chair Massage; sitting in a special massage chair leaning forward while the massage therapist focuses on their upper back and neck. This has been the standard for providing massage therapy for staff members in the work environment. Employers use In-Office Massage for many reasons: to show appreciation for a job well done, to help relieve stress after a big project, or even a monthly perk as a part of their company’s wellness program. In-office chair massage has a minimal of interruption to the workers schedules…no messy oils and lotions, and no undressing. Although this type of massage can be very relaxing without needing a private setting, you still have to hold yourself upright for chair massage, and there may be additional stress on your knees depending on the massage chair and the duration of the massage.

Tranquility Massage Man On Pillow

Clothed Table Massage

At Tranquility Massage, we are seeing an “outside-the-box” request at some of the companies that offer massage therapy to their staff on a regular basis. An option they are implementing is providing clothed table massage in their offices where room allows. The staff member still remains fully clothed, and they can completely relax in a lying down position instead of having to hold themselves up while sitting in a massage chair. Another benefit is the additional ability for the massage therapist to work on the client’s legs and feet. This can be especially helpful in offices where the staff members are required to be on their feet for long periods of time.

Tranquility Massage can accommodate most requests, whether the need is for chair massage, clothed table massage, or both. Let us know if you have any unusual needs, and we will be happy to tailor our services to fit the style that works best for you.