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Chair Massage Reward for Perfect Attendance!

Chair Massage for Attendance

Attendance Reward

A distribution center in Santa Ana uses a wonderful incentive to keep the staff’s attendance at a record high–a 30 minute chair massage!  If a worker arrives on-time for the full month, every time they are scheduled for a shift, the company rewards them with a 30 minute chair massage.  “Every person you massaged either had a 100% attendance record for the month or received an employee of the month award. This massage is our gift to them.” Said one of the managers.

It seems to be working! If you are looking for a way to reward your staff for a job well done, on-site chair massage is a great way to show them how much you appreciate their efforts. It is a convenient, cost-effective way to boost morale and to help your company’s productivity.

Let Tranquility Massage provide some well-deserved relaxation for your staff today!

Tranquility provides Chair Massage for Oakley event


Rancho Las Lomas Event Center in Silverado, CA

Rancho Las Lomas Event Center in Silverado, CA

Tranquility Massage Chair Massage

Tranquility Massage Chair Massage

Tranquility Massage was contacted by the event coordinator for Oakley requesting some relaxing massage for a team event being held at Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado in September 2016. We supplied eight massage therapists for chair massage for their event, and received very positive feedback regarding the skill all the massage therapists showed

Chair massage can be an excellent bonus for staff members, allowing your team to recharge and provide better productivity.


Clothed Table Massage a Relaxing Alternative

When one talks about Corporate Massage or In-Office Massage, the visual impression most people get is Chair Massage; sitting in a special massage chair leaning forward while the massage therapist focuses on their upper back and neck. This has been the standard for providing massage therapy for staff members in the work environment. Employers use In-Office Massage for many reasons: to show appreciation for a job well done, to help relieve stress after a big project, or even a monthly perk as a part of their company’s wellness program. In-office chair massage has a minimal of interruption to the workers schedules…no messy oils and lotions, and no undressing. Although this type of massage can be very relaxing without needing a private setting, you still have to hold yourself upright for chair massage, and there may be additional stress on your knees depending on the massage chair and the duration of the massage.

Tranquility Massage Man On Pillow

Clothed Table Massage

At Tranquility Massage, we are seeing an “outside-the-box” request at some of the companies that offer massage therapy to their staff on a regular basis. An option they are implementing is providing clothed table massage in their offices where room allows. The staff member still remains fully clothed, and they can completely relax in a lying down position instead of having to hold themselves up while sitting in a massage chair. Another benefit is the additional ability for the massage therapist to work on the client’s legs and feet. This can be especially helpful in offices where the staff members are required to be on their feet for long periods of time.

Tranquility Massage can accommodate most requests, whether the need is for chair massage, clothed table massage, or both. Let us know if you have any unusual needs, and we will be happy to tailor our services to fit the style that works best for you.

Massage Soothes At Dana Point Spa Parties

Each community in Orange County has it’s own culture, benefits, and vibrancy, but Dana Point is one of our favorites. Nestled in the cliffs and rolling hills of the Pacific coast, Dana Point boasts beautiful homes, vibrant people, and all the warmth of a close-knit beachside community – all perfect ingredients for socializing, entertaining, and healthy living. Tranquility Massage therapists are fortunate to have several longtime clients in Dana Point, and to have provided massage therapy for various events at Doheny state beach, the Blue Lantern Inn, and several other venues.

Our massage therapy spa parties continue to find a place in events with increasing breadth. This past week we had a great time providing chair AND table massage to a group of ladies attending a marketing presentation at a beautiful Dana Point home, and at a beach party for a corporate event on Doheny beach. Both venues provided ideal settings for effective massage therapy, and clients gave us very positive feedback on the therapists and the presentation of the service.

The in-home event was unique in that it was an all-day event for which Tranquility Massage was to provide chair massage therapy beginning late morning and extending into then late afternoon. Well, the FIRST client on the chair was so enthralled with the service that she raved to the rest of the group (Thank YOU Marina!) By early afternoon, they had a pool of 6 ladies that wanted after-hours table massage as well! We had to send an extra massage therapist to Dana Point to help with the demand – always a good thing!

The beach massage venue was a corporate event sponsored by a well known beach apparel maker. It was an unusual, yet almost ideal venue for table massage. We had two massage therapists support the event, and had been prepared with canopies and other equipment to provide shade. Turned out there were a sizable number of people that wanted to tan while they got their massage, so we set-up a table in the sun (kept it covered when it wasn’t occupied – it does get HOT) and had people tan and relax. THAT got around quick, and we rapidly became the preferred method of sunscreen application. Found out that sunscreen ALSO works quite well as a massage lotion!

We really enjoy these events and can’t wait for our next opportunity to massage in Dana Point!

Chair Massage at Irvine Manufacturer

Chair massage at a large manufacturer in Irvine today. One of our favorite clients because they really embrace the benefits of massage therapy to boost their people and product. Lots of fine manual work in their products. The massage therapists are always welcomed with smiles, and we get such phenominal feedback from their managers.

Poolside Massage at Home Communities

Tranquility Massage frequently provides massage therapy at apartment and residential communities throughout Orange County for tenant appreciation and special events. We also provide poolside massage as an amenity for the summer season.  Residents are able to visit with their guests while relaxing by the pool. We can even apply their sunscreen for complete skin coverage. People who may not have had the opportunity to try massage therapy before can experience just how wonderful a professional massage can be.

We provided summer poolside massage services at beautiful communities including Irvine, Yorba Linda, Anaheim, and Newport Coast. The residents thoroughly enjoyed having relaxing massage by the pool without having to travel out of their community. Several residents wanted to extend the experience to friends and family and asked us to come back during the week and after summer to provide in-home massage at their convenience.  The allure of being able to step off the massage table and already be in the comfort of their own home won them over to enjoying in-home massage services on a regular basis.

This year we have several poolside massage sessions set up for the summer.  These events are fun and are a great hit with everyone who participates. If you are having a pool party this summer and want to make it more fun, give our poolside massage therapy services a try.

Massage Therapists Make Summertime Cooler

Tranquility Massage client summertime massage therapy.

Summertime Massage

Summer is here! The longer days mean more opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, spend time with family and friends, and visit far away lands. Soon the stores, streets, and spas will be surging with teens and tourists trying to make the most out of the precious vacation season. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor to Orange County, Tranquility Massage mobile massage therapists can help make your vacation season the best ever!

Over the next few days, we’ll be publishing a series of articles on how massage therapy can help make summertime healthier, happier, and more fun for the entire family, and how Tranquility Massage mobile massage therapists can bring all that right to your door. Checking back soon for some great summer massage therapy ideas, specials, and updates!