Is there anything you should do before receiving a massage?

Like any physical activity, massage therapy will cause the release of toxins accumulated in the muscles, and will initiate a healing process associated with this release. It is best to have a light meal before a massage to provide nourishment that will facilitate the healing process. Additionally, drinking water before a massage will provide the body with fluids necessary to remove the released toxins.


Is there anything you should do after receiving a massage?

Drinking plenty of water afterward is recommended. This will ensure an ample supply of fluids as the body continues to release accumulated toxins after the session. This will also promote a feeling of improved focus and alertness normally experienced after a massage.


Are there circumstances where a massage would not be a good idea?

Recent injury or illness, certain medical conditions, or being engaged in any other therapy program are just some of the reasons why a massage might not be wise. Chronic pain in the upper torso or extremities may be an indicator of a more serious condition. The massage therapist will conduct a brief interview of the client to determine if there are any reasons a massage may be contraindicated. You should seek the approval of your primary healthcare professional before receiving a massage if you are pregnant, or are currently involved in physical therapy of any kind.


Please note that it is not possible for the massage therapist to cover all possible prohibitive conditions with each client. If the client is aware of any conditions he/she may have that might contraindicate a massage, it is the client's responsibility to bring these to the attention of the massage therapist before the session is conducted.


What techniques do Tranquility Massage therapists use in performing a massage?

Both chair massage and/or table massage techniques are used, depending on the needs of the client. During either type of session, the massage therapist may employ various massage techniques including Swedish, Shiatsu, sports therapy, reflexology, or any of a number of other techniques to suit the client's needs.


How long does a chair massage session last?

Although there is no time limitation on chair massage, the massage therapist can conduct a thorough session in about 15 to 20 minutes. This is usually enough time to work all major areas of the upper body. The needs of the client will normally dictate if a session needs to be longer or shorter.


How long does a table massage session last?

Since table massage is intended to be a full-body massage, a table session typically lasts about an hour. However, there is no limitation on time. If some muscle groups require additional manipulation after the full session is completed, the massage can last longer. Some of our clients prefer sessions to last as long as 2 hours or more.


How much space is needed to conduct a massage?

Very little. It is possible to conduct a chair massage in the same basic space an office chair consumes. However, it is usually more effective in a quiet, neutral location such as a small conference room or unoccupied office. Privacy is not required. Table massage requires more space and is normally conducted in privacy.


Is it necessary to remove any clothing for a chair massage?

No. Chair massage is conducted fully clothed. It is recommended that business jackets and ties be removed temporarily to provide a more relaxing environment, but it is not required.


Is it necessary to remove any clothing for a table massage?

Table massage is typically performed on a fully disrobed client, but it is entirely up to you. Some of our clients are only comfortable wearing shorts or undergarments. If you feel comfortable being disrobed during the massage, the massage therapist will keep all areas of the body that are not being worked on covered at all times. Private areas will always remain covered and will NOT be massaged. We would like to add that the massage has a better therapeutic quality if the client is disrobed, and many clients that are initially squeamish about disrobing eventually learn to trust the massage therapist. If the client would prefer to remain fully clothed, a chair massage may be an ideal alternative.


Are any precautions taken to prevent hygiene issues between occupants?

Yes! Exposed surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using an environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaner. In addition, particularly sensitive surfaces such as the face rest are protected using disposable liners which are changed between each session.


Does Tranquility Massage have a minimum charge?

We do have a 1 hour minimum session time. Call or contact us for current rates!


Can a massage therapy session be split between 2 or more people?

Yes! For example, a husband and wife could each have a 30 minute session for the 1 hour appointment!


Will I have the same massage therapist each time?

That is entirely up to you! Many of our clients have their favorite massage therapists and won't accept a substitute. Although we generally send the same massage therapists to our repeat clients, it is not always possible to guarantee a consistent assignment. If you would like to see a particular therapist return, please tell us at the time you make your appointment. We want to make absolutely certain you are completely comfortable with the massage therapist!


Does Tranquility Massage do massage for children?

Yes! We have therapists that are certified in child and infant massage techniques. A massage is a great way to get children relaxed and ready for an afternoon nap or a good night's sleep.


What hours are therapists available for massage?

We normally accept calls for massage appointments between the hours of 9:00am and 8:00pm 7 days a week, but we can make special exceptions if arranged in advance. Please call if you would like to discuss arrangements for an appointment outside this timeframe.