Revitalize Your Team or Event With Chair Massage Therapy!

Office/Event Chair Massage Therapy From Tranquility Massage Mobile Massage Therapists

Imagine you are at your desk, with a stack of work piling up. You're stressed, maybe even getting a tension headache....then you remember: It's your turn for a massage!  You go to the conference room and sit in the massage chair, leaning forward with your arms resting in front of you. The massage therapist begins to knead your shoulders and you can feel your whole body sigh in relief. All that stress just melts away. By the time your chair massage time ends, you feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle your next project.


Chair massage can be a great addition to your health and wellness program. It shows your employees you care about their well being. It is a great way to show your appreciation for a job well done.



Chair massage is most popular in office and event settings where decorum is a concern. Our mobile chair massage therapy soothes tension in your back, neck, scalp, and upper extremities - wherever you may be. Rest comfortably in a customized massage chair while one of our professional mobile massage therapist soothes away energy sapping muscle tightness and fatigue. Chair massage presents an effective and economic mobile massage therapy alternative to those preferring to remain fully clothed or those with limited ability to lay flat. Our professional chair massage therapy service promotes and enhances the appeal of parties, conventions, meetings, and gatherings, and is excellent massage therapy for public events.


Tranquility Massage has provided chair massage for companies large and small. Whether you have an office in Irvine, or would like to provide chair massage at an event at a remote location, our massage therapists are ready to provide professional chair massage where you need it.


Chair Massage at Convention