Swedish massage uses light-to-medium pressure techniques to release muscular tension and promote a general feeling of health, wellness and relation throughout the body.


Designed to ease the mother's discomfort, pregnancy massage employs several light-pressure techniques to help maximize comfort and promote effective and healthful rest both during AND after pregnancy. Our therapists utilize a side-lying technique for a more comfortable massage.


An effective way for seniors to enjoy the benefits of healthful and loving touch, geriatric massage uses many of the modes associated with Swedish massage with light pressure techniques.


Only $99.00

per 60 minute session

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Should you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please notify us as soon as possible. The following cancellation charges may apply: 50% cancellation fee for appointments canceled less than 2 hours from the actual appointment time. Missed or 'no-show' appointments are charged at the full appointment rate. Subject to change without notice.